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I love this picture because it shows Andrei and Isaac's relationship very well. Sometimes I stop and think about how blessed I am that I found someone that loves our children so deeply. I don't know if it's because I'm used to thinking that most men are not good guys or I expected to be single forever but Isaac definitely proved me wrong.  

The other day we were talking about how a lot of women do think that men are jerks, (and in a lot cases they are) but there are good ones too and I would even dare to venture that the majority are actually good. Sometimes as strong, independent women we need to learn to give a little slack, never let go of the rope all the way, but giving a little slack can be a good thing. Of course using common sense and our intuition on things, if we feel that it's wrong then stop and move on. As women we can never change someone, we can motivate them to change things but we can't truly change someone that has fundamental characteristics that hurt us. Just saying.

A little garden update: 


emily anderson said…
sweet picture. love the words you wrote too.

glad you joined us this week!
Vivian said…
That picture of Andrei and Isaac is very sweet :)
Amber said…
What a precious picture!
it's a beautiful pic of them!

love your little garden! wish i had a green thumb!
Ms. Burrito said…
Hi, I am your youngest and newest follower from the bloghop, hope you can follow the little blog of a newbie like me, thanks in advance!
Que bonitas fotos, Flor. Es cierto, lo que dices de los hombres. Todos no son malos, pero tambien, tiene que estar uno siempre al pendiente. Amar con los ojos abiertos.
Jodi said…
Awhhh...what a good daddy! I love the pictures you took of his little game.

And your garden looks awesome Farmer Flor :)
IG said…
I'm the one who is blessed. without u i wouldnt even be a daddy. thanks for the kind words though babe. i love u.

its not a tough thing to love such cool kids. i have a blast being with them. i sometimes cant even imagine how i was able to live in ND for so long without u four.
Mariah said…
What a sweet photo!

I'm a new follower from the Friday blog hop! Would love if you'd stop by and visit at http://www.formulamom.com ! Have a great weekend!
me encanta tu blog, me encanta! And I love how you mention how life, in it´s imperfection can be beautiful. I think exactly the same way. And by the way, there are a few good ones left out there. My hubby adopted my son, with all the love you can imagine, 8 years ago (2 years after he actually started raising him) and their love has only grown stronger and stronger since then. My son calls him "papito" since he started to walk. Blessing and bendiciones!
Abrazo! Clau

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