April Poetry #5, 6 and 7 Bilingual

Tus Manos

mi corazon volado
satisfecho en tu pecho
tus manos fuertes, sensuales.

alcansando lo alcansable.
con el calor del sol,
trabajando, alsando

morenas, salvajes
locas en la obscuridad
buscando calor

apacionadas, hambrientas
suaves, con ancias llegando con temor
con amor, con delicadesa.

Preparando donde
la fuente
desenvocara su pasion.


waking so alone
but so surrounded.
so upturned
but so grounded.




too full , too empty
losing before startin
slowin my stride

takin a time out that aint mine.
stoppin and almost takin a turn.
feeling so alone.
wantin to talk with no words

loosin my words

my mind

my home

stretchin too thin
i wanted to win today
not tomorrow.
not slow

i can't wait.
i need to escape
but i'm not sure from what.
every day passes


I feel it darkning my soul

eatin with no hunger.

sleepin with no slumber
loving with no heart.
thinkin with no brain

hurtin with no pain.
slowing down slowly
no excuse no worry
no reason

but each season

comes and it feels colder


forced to wait
forced to never escape
forced to want

forced to be trapped
trapped and not knowin by what
slowing darkenin
mad sad


dizzy paranoid
longin for the farewell from welfare.
hopin without stretchin
endin today with hope that tommorow i wont feel so annoyed.


you keep telling me your not like that
you keep telling me you never judge

you keep telling me so much

i keep stopping to think
i keep thinking that i agree

i keep seeing stuff that just don't match

today you didn't have to say that you felt that you were better
today all those words i keep hearing from your lips

today turned into limp dreams

of fake stories
of constructed truths vanishing into dark paths of lies

of false illusions

you paved for me to see
you shaped from abstract thoughts
you wish were reality but are nowhere for me to see

Picture of Isaac and Flor holding hands by  Gisselle Fotography


IG said…
Really like the poems.
Jodi said…
Those are beautiful poems! I like the picture too!

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