Adrian's Fever, Andrei's Song and My Garden

There are days that Andrei walks around singing about his lovely 3 year old life. Right now he is playing with his toys and singing “Mary had a Little Lamb.” When he is sad (mostly when he gets in trouble) he sings too. Little mad, made up verses like “I am so sad, my mom is a meanie... I got in trouble because I was being a bad boy.” It makes me sad to hear him say that. But sometime when I do, I like to remind him he is not a bad boy. He is a good boy that makes bad choices sometimes. He just needs to practice doing things that are good all the time. He hasn’t sang his sad song today but yesterday when he did it reminded of how Heavenly Father thinks of us the same way. He knows our worth and how valuable we truly are. He reminds us every day with gifts from heaven. I showed him our garden plant which are growing steadily, I made him look out the window at the sky, I gave him a hug and told him Heavenly Father gave us to each other so we could take care and show each other how to be happy and return to him.

The gifts from Heaven that I am grateful for today are:

- Clouds
- Cold and Hot, so temperature?
- Family
- Hair- Imagine if we were all bald!
- Dogs
- Plants!

Speaking of tempture, lol. I know random. Adrian got his first cold. He’s 8 months today. Last night his fever reaches 103.8! Ekk. I was able to get it down and called his pediatrician at 11:30 PM. (Love the kids Pediatrician by the way) Told me if I couldn’t get it down to 100.4 or lower within an hour to take him to the ER. I called my mom, which I always do when the kids are hurt or sick. She always knows what to do. I undressed him. Gave him some fever reducer. Held him til he fell asleep, I checked his temperature an hour and half later it was at 100.1 :-) Today he is still sicky but I think the worst has passed. So I guess another thing I am grateful for:

Medicine and My Mom!

My garden update: Most plants are doing great! 

My hanging strawberries inside experiment failed! lol. awww poor plants, they might relive when it gets warmer? Well see!


Shahny said…
hehe You're sucha nerd Flor. Sometimes I wish I was bald so I can wear a different wig everyday! lol

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