Write Your Own Manifesto- Inspired by Chica Writer

Here's where I got the idea: Chica Writer Blog

Here are some suggestions of things you can do with it. This was a de-stressing activity. It's good to remember what is really important in our lives, often.

- You can be serious or lighthearted. There are no rules!
- Buy a blank book and make an art journal. Each spread can be a collage that goes with the message.
- Make your own by-the-day calendar using Post-It Notes.
- Use a dry erase marker and write it on the mirror in your bathroom.
- Use puffy paint or letter stamps and write it on toss pillows on your bed, or around a lampshade - or a window shade!
- Grab a black marker and hand write it on a blank canvas (I'm going to do this one!)
- Blog, FB or tweet it, share it with your friends and family.
- Record a video and give it to your loved ones.
- Instead of writing it alone, create your manifesto with your spouse, kids, parents, best friends, etc, that way you can help each other follow it!


Morgan -Ing said…
This is such a great idea! And I love the stylized look of it. Very cool. Mine would mostly say, "Sleep more..." but hey, I've got kids! :)

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