Our Boys

As a mother of two boys I feel so responsible for making sure they grow into men that respect and honor the women around them. I have seen in my own life the consequences of parents who enable their sons by allowing disrespect and tolerating discourtesy towards women. Or teaching boys and girls the role they must abide by to be happy or to make others happy.
Because we live in a society where men do have advantages over women I feel that we must teach our sons the value of treating women with true love. Because not only are we all brothers and sisters but when a woman is given her place and treated with kindness she will reciprocate. The classic "Johnny Lingo" effect. If a woman sees she is valuable to others she becomes empowered to understand her worth. (Sadly many women don't understand, or have grown up around people who don't cultivate self worth) I don't think our society values women appropriately and to counter that as parents we are responsible for making this change in our children. The never ending battle against societies norms. It's a hard challenge to teach a boy to know he is the king of the world but that the women in the same world have equal value as queens ;-)

Here's a cool commentary on the topic of enabling our sons.

My Pobre Hijo Syndrome by Latina Fatale


Jodi said…
Flor, have you read "Raising Cain" yet? It's really good. I could not agree with you more on this post.
IG said…
without a queen there is no king. the way that society exists limits the growth of women which has a disastrous affect on men. as men we really are made to keep ourselves as the center of the universe. Egotism and selfishness seem to be a part of how we are raised not just at home but in society. It a beast that the church calls the Natural Man. Mothers have a huge part in teaching their boys right but another part is the responsibility of the father to not allow himself to be an example of the sexist man. I love your post. It hits home on how we have a duty to our boys to raise them to be righteous and courteous. to love everyone and to one day be noble priesthoood holders.
thepascuas said…
Im sure your boys will be the kind of boys/men Mothers will be eying on all the time.
Flor said…
haha oh no i need to start practicing being a good suegra so im not one of those annoying jealous ones that wont let go of their sons lol.

I haven't read that book will add it to my reading list ;-)
Shahny said…
Yay! The world can never have enough gentlemen and I know you will accomplish this goal.

p.s. I really LOVE the picture. You and your phototaking skills :)

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