Kids and Politics

I love watching the news. I love politics. My mother instilled in me love for the country I was born and the countries of my heritage. I understand there are many imperfections in our system but I truly believe the power to fix these things and to create change lies in every day people. I try to exercise my right to assemble, my freedom of speech and appreciate the freedom of the press to the fullest extent and these are passions I will pass on to my children. If we don't like something it lies in us as the people to change it collectively. 
Last Day at the Capitol HB 191 was not discussed ;-) for now
Someone gave her this sign and she was so excited!
Pretty good Democratic Party turnout. I loved it.
He he Andrei got a sign too. 


Isaac said…
I love how our babies love speaking their minds. i love how much they love reading books too. thanks to their cool mom :)
Flor said…
they have a cool dad too! i love that they love those things too. hopefully they never get tired of them!
Jodi said…
Flor! I cannot get over your pictures. They are so perfect! Especially that last one with the capitol in the background. And good job photographing at night like that.
Flor said…
They came out pretty cool huh? My favorite is the last one. I have some more I posted on Facebook. Its hard to do night pictures. You have any tips. I just kinda went off what you had told me before on aperture and shutter. and not using flash has changed my life! haha. I'm gonna start donating my pictures to Venceremos. The bilingual newspaper at the U ;-)

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