Feeling Blessed

Baby Andrei 11months
Today has been an especially blessed day. I may sound annoying. I've heard comments that we have an annoying perfect little family, but the truth is we don't. We have a family of every day normal individuals that fit perfectly together. We get mad at each other, we disagree on so many levels, on so many things. But what makes us "annoying" is that we have learned to take bad and turn it into goodness, exaggerated goodness. Today for example was a crazy day at church trying to get the kids to be reverent and avoid the obnoxious stares. But today I stopped and thought. Adrian's 7 months, Andrei is 3. They are doing great for their age! Natalia has always been an abnormally reverent person. I know I need to persevere in teaching them many things but after sacrament meeting I thought I have so much to be happy for. The kids with their loud voices and excited whispers are so happy. Isn't that the thread that sows our childhoods? Happiness. Exuberant, unrestrained happiness. Well today I give thanks because amid turmoil and hardship, happiness and hope keep us going strong. 


Valerie said…
I don't think that's annoying at all. It's awesome!
Flor said…
Thanks Valerie ;) i think its awesome too. Loved your recipe by the way!
thepascuas said…
Cute! I think no family is perfect . We all have the crazy times and the calm times. like you said , you just learn to overlook the bad parts :)
Valerie said…
I don't think that's annoying at all. It's awesome!
our family is still so blessed. its why i know in my heart we will always be able to make it. there is real love and we genuinely want to build a family together. i love what we have and we work hard to have it. im sorry i stumble but every rock is a stepping stone. i thank Heavenly Father everyday for the chance i have to build a family with you :)

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