“The role of love is challenging oppresion” -bell hooks at the University of Utah!

Ms. bell hooks delivered a message so positive, enlightening and strong I forgot the undertone of the speech was fighting racism. I am so happy my little brothers joined Isaac, Jenn and I today at the Kingsbury hall to listen to one of our favorite authors. I couldn’t help myself and I recorded some of her speech. I’m not sure if I was allowed to do that or not but sometimes, its better to ask forgiveness than permission, lol. This speech touched my heart and squeezed it. There were several moments, the ones that she spoke about our children of color that brought tears to my eyes. I want to love and use that love to break barriers. I want this with all the power inside of me. I am going to do it. I needed Ms hooks to inspire me tonight.
Some of my favorite quotes of the night. Yes I’m a nerd I recorded and took notes. Hey, hey don’t make fun of me for being a groupy for a writer :-) Anyway, here they are:

“The role of love is challenging oppresion”

“There can be no love where there is domination”

“We cannot do without spirituality” (when she was asked for tips on writing and her writing style, she said she prays before she writes, all her work is inspired through spirituality, not a surprise huh?)

“If we know we are entering a dangerous place, power comes from knowing we must guard our hearts”

“People have deep thoughts about things they know nothing about”

“History isn’t repeating itself, white supremacy never changed”

Another thought that came after the lecture as I was talking during the ride back was that as members of the church, we sometimes tend to forget that we all have the light of Christ within us, members or not, we are all his children and therefore we are all entitled to shining with his light when we seek him. For this talk I know Ms hooks was shining bright with words inspired by a supreme power. I literally just wanted to hug her throughout the whole thing. After it was over we stayed behind to get a book signed. I caught her walking out and she let me take a picture with her ;-) he he I was sooo happy! Love you Ms hooks!! Videos clips below :-)

Some clips of the conversation:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Here’s a book list of her published works.

We Real Cool: Black Men and Maculinity


Giron said…
The chapter called "Sitting at the feet of the messenger: remembering Malcolm X" in bells book Yearning, was one of the most empowering things i had read. I read it when i was coming to terms with my profound spirituality and belief in the Church, and my commitment to social justice and equality. I was inspired by her recollection of Malcolm as a man with two passion: Liberation against all forms of oppression and devote believer in God. He became a complete mentor for me thanks to bells courage in being openly spiritual and political. bell hooks is on of my idols. what a great talk.

It was so cool to go with family too. I always feel so blessed to have an eternal companion who shares my belief that a better world is possible. Love u flor olivo :)

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