Reading through my life


So... I went through and read my blog its been up since April of 2007, that's a long time. It's pretty cool to look back on thoughts and things I have gone through in life. Each post brought back the memory of the day... I missed many months but i remember what filled them in. I remembered the reason I started this writing this blog was because I was having such a hard time progressing with all the hardships I was experiencing and kept feeling stuck and sorry for myself. The blog was an assignment I gave myself to convince me I could do anything I set out to do. I haven't finished and accomplished all of my goals but I have gotten started and am doing very well with the ones I am getting accomplished now. All my goals are long term, supported by smaller shorter ones.

I know that I will be happy, successful and able to fulfill my dreams and ambitions. It's not a matter of something I want to accomplish someday its a matter of I will do this and I have dates.


I love lookin at past post. the memories just flow.

I love ur post keep them coming

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