Don't You Hate When You...

meet a really beautiful girl and she's a jerk? The most beautiful part of a person is their heart. Meeting someone new I always make sure I give everyone a chance. But I remember specific people whom I have felt uncomfortable around and later it turns out I was justified. Or there are people i've met that I feel i've known for ever! There are even people I meet and have a really good feeling about then they mess up, like theyre mean or rude etc but somehow I can't just cut them off because I have this little itch prompting me to hang on a little bit cause there is a great person there. Anyway guess what I'm saying is that beauty comes from the inside. It's not just something ugly people say either! It's true, real beauty radiates from the heart. 


I sooo agree with this. Lo peor es cuando hay chicas hermosas y son frias y sin modales ... las hace ver muy muy feas.
Vivan las bonitas por dentro y fuera... como nosostras! :)

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