The Plan of Salvation and a little brother

So it all started at noche de hogar with me teaching the plan of salvation and explaining resurrection and judgement. i told them how everythin good n bad weve done will get weighed and jesus will decide what grade of heaven we go to. nati got really worried and said she tries really hard 2 be good but sometimes she has 2 many bad thoughts and she tries really hard to repent lol then andrei started crying and said jesus was gonna be really sad cause he had called his sister a super bad word. and nati got really sad too and asked if that meant they wldnt be together forever if one of their family members was bad and then they both cried then Ricardo said that made him feel really sad too and he shared his testimony que that was why Jesus had died for us so we could repent and be together with our families it was cool. we cld feel the spirit :)


Omg this is cute sad. I love this story :)
Flor said…
i know it was way sad me and rica were really really sad for a minute like we didnt know what to say :) then rica rescued the moment! he he it was a good spiritual learning experience.
Ms. Fu-Daddy said…
Oh my gosh! This is such a sweet story. Aren't babies just the best?!

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