The List

I think "the list" came from people that work at the school district! When is it enough? Do people really think they can persecute and degrade others then think those targeted should sit around and take it for years and years, generation after generation and stay calm and peaceful. From all sides of the immigration/race/social justice issues, I feel ashamed that the top news in our country is a about race wars n persecution of our brothers n sisters. Is that really what the American Dream has come down to? Get over yourself eventually well all be so mixed it won't matter where you came from n for that matter whose gonna care if you were black. White. Brown. Documented or not when your gone? We all rot the same. *annoyed n frustrated*


florira said…
totally agree.... it's a shame people did that to other people, who do they think they are? they expended so many hours following the "immigrants" if they had that much free time why they didn't do something good with that time?... shy did they think they had to get the list? don't they know immigration already has one? that's so stupid what they did... shame on them!

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