Awakening From A Long Break

wow ya hace rato that i dont post on my blog!

No hay mucho nuevo, estoy estudiando todavia!! ughhh i cant wait til I finish. My kids are getting bigger and bigger and bigger, aw theyre cute! I love them so much I cant imagine my life without them :-)

I have gone through a lot in the last year, every time I think the trials are over they start again. its like this pattern, maybe there's somethin wrong with me! LOL. nah im too cool.
I have recently been reminded of the strength the Lord has given me in times of need, and I also remembered why I stopped wanting that strength and that help. I got tired of feeling that i got the bad end of the deal, that things were not fair, etc. But as I analyze and think about it, I realize how naive we can be when we are blinded by the pride that comes with thinkin we are all powerful on our own.
I know the easiest answer to any question is doing. But choosing what to do is the hardest part. Faith and trust are so intangible and so hard to fathom in my heart sometimes, and through this I have learned that in many ocassions I have made decisions based on haste reactions, based on impatience and lack of trust. Like a little brat, that wants somethin now and isnt goin to wait to get something better.

I have learned that I don't believe everyday should be lived as if it were my last, because that means I wont live planning for a better future, I know that today is important because it is yesterday, and today there are many things I wish I had done yesterday. I know that commiting and percevering are some of the hardest steps in establishing goals.

How many times have we written down all the things that we want to do, complete with dates and motivational talks only to find that folder, notebook, planner covered in dust a couple of months later. Planning is important but going through with plans and having the confidence in once plans to be to accomplish them is much more important.

Anyway I dont even know if that made sense but I love being able to write things down because when I read them I can understand all the chaos in my head :)

have a great day!



florira said…
ay amiga!!!! k gusto saber de ti!!!! es bueno ver lo k has pasado, I miss you!!!!! k bueno k has aprendido y pues ni modo! asi es esto hay k salir adelante con todo!!! y tu puedes!!! eso es lo mejor de todo!!! cuidate!!!

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