A Realization of Love by Flor Olivo

Written- October 2009

Simple act, a realization.
Love is Eternal, front and back.
A thought, a feeling old in fact.

In my heart, jumping off my lips,
shortly noted and vitally empowering my spirit and my hips.

Listening, but lacking reason.
Touching it, but lacking meaning.
Engulfed in building, but lacking purpose.

Sensation I can finally accept,
releasing doubt, earmarking progress.

Selfless in tactile sensation, vocal stimulation and spiritual tone.
Biggest show of courage, to give all and expect "nada" in return.
An almighty virtue, at a level I learned to adjourn.

Joy in another's enjoyment.
Tears in another's pain.

Postponed knowledge, unearthed by a shove
of reasonable truth.
I love, and I love that I love.

Dissolving the wall,
the wall that one day was all I ever knew
the wall that protected me when my life was all skew

Truth Cypher Poem


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