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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Current mood: accomplished
Category: Life

So lately ive been meditating and reading up on spirituality and how to be a better human being and how to be happy with me... its working yay. i realized sometimes you just have to come to peace with who you are and what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy :-) its real cool to reach the point that I have just take everything one day at a time and trust that tomorrow will bring something better and if it brings something worse remember that the low points make the high ones even cooler ;-) overall im happy with my life. I love being able to do stuff for myself and for my children. I love my hair short :-) and I love my huge closet its the coolest, i really like my blackberry, I love my job, I love my coworkers, I love my cuadros in my house, I love payin my comcast bill LOL! i really do haha, I love having a budget and having a plan for the future. Overall I love my life, I love feeling I finally have some order, I realized theres a wall of things I can control and a wall of things I can't control and I'm working real hard on the wall of things I can control, its working out pretty well. :-D
he he sorry im such a nerd I just had to let that out woot! woot! muah! thanks for reading!


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