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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Current mood: blessed
One of my really close friends mother passed away. she was 51 my friend is only a few years older than me. it has been really sad. but the reason im writin this is because i wanted to share something i have realized.
God really does love us so much. he really is our father in heaven. no matter what we do or dont do he is there waitin for us to reach out to him and ask him for help and no matter what he is ready to give us comfort.
I have also realized how much the small things we do for others in our life are worth. A phone call or a text sayin i love you or simply leavin our pride aside to express how we really feel to someone. Sometimes it takes a really hard hit like this to realize those kind of things. I know Minerva was ready to go though there is not one bad thing i can remember about her and its not cause she's gone its because that's the kind of person she was. her love made you wanna be close to her. she could see your worth through it all. Its gonna be hard getting used to not having her. We will see you again Minerva until then we will miss you with all our hearts!


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