Oh Happy Day

hello to all and to all a great and beautiful day.

so im taking some time to write in my blog cause i feel so happy and i wanted to share with you guys....

im still at verizonwireless im doing really really well at work. i love my work and my company. i actually got a raise as well as a really cool bonus just last month my schedule will change to 7:15-3:45 in april so im so excited to be able to spend more time with my kids and with my extra projects.

I started a new organization called, IluminaTuGente- "La Revolucion De Conocimiento"... its a real registered organization and we currently have a ton of suporters we are working on building unity and progress here Utah and for our latino community... It's a very exciting cause and organization. If any of you guys are interested in helping out let me know I would really really appreciate it!! The website will be up in the next couple of weeks I will keep you guys posted!

anyway i remodeled my old garage room at my moms and moved back in, i really like being with my family and being able to help out with the house etc. i love my family so much and appreciate everything they do for me they are the best :-)

anyway email me or facebook me yall!! flawur@msn.com

i will upload pics of the kids when i get a chance... i need to get a new camera again :-(


Shahny said…
so does this mean you can hook me up with a cool phone??

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