O EMMMM G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

guess whos back back again. he he

hello to all and to all hello.

so i almost forgot i had a blog!!!

sorry friends i know im mean. anyway!!!

life is pretty good right now :) I havent been having too many down days ive noticed if im doing the right stuff the days are grrrreat lol my kiddos are growing up soooo fast! its weird they make me feel older and younger everyday lol I started yet another semester on my educational trek :) im not giving up til im done even if it does take forever and a week! ha ha its gonna be worth it to look back and see how much i have accomplish with so much to fight against :) lately my mom has been helping soooo much and she reminds me everyday of what life is really about. Being happy and helping your family reach the same goal! cause at the end of the day your family is all you really have... anyway its funny another thing that's been helping get motivated in the mornings is that Oh Mother song by Christina Aguilera if yall got some time read the words again its soo cool. When life brings out the worst in us, The Lord conquers with something that no one can replace. LOVE!

hope yall have a great day and weekend! love yall girlies muah!!

quote of the day

The strength of women is the pretense of weakness, and the weakness of men is the pretense of strength


florira said…
I love to hear that you are doing great!!!! I really makes me happy!!! I love hanging out with you!!! you are a great friend!!! love u amiga!!!
Shahny said…
Its about time! I would check every week for an update on your blog. lol Love ya flop
Flor said…
aw!!! thanks shanny! hey buddy what are you doing this saturday night??? we are working on a really cool project if you could help us out it would be awesome. I will email you some info let me know what you think and how you can help :-)
Shahny said…
Its about time! I would check every week for an update on your blog. lol Love ya flop

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