Irazema's a good example

ok so i recently realized something new.
love is eternal.
wow i know we hear it all the time but i can honestly say that i understand it.
love is not just something we feel or do or whatever its something that engulfs us and builds our life. it doesn't just exist in our heart its not just something we say its something that empowers our body. and only when we truly feel this love and accept it can we progress and allow those around us to progress. there's this mase song that i love and there's a part that says "wanna see you happy even if its not with me" i used to always think yea right that is such a good line hahaha but now i really understand it ((now if mase really meant it or it was just a good line for his song that i dont but i also understand one of my good friends now too.
She was goin through a divorce just like me and she was so nice to her ex and i kept thinking why is she doing that. honestly i sometimes wondered if she was just doing it so he would change his mind and maybe they wouldn't get divorced but now i understand her actions were lead and inspired by true love. Loving someone is one of the most courageous things a human being can do. because true love gives all and expects nothing in return.
that is the kind of love that God has for us. well on a much higher level that we most likely do not comprehend at this time but i can begin to glimpse and actually understand a little bit more.


florira said…
I'm wondering why did you post about love? hehe we'll talk about it hehe.... and your friend... what a nice girl haha... where I have hear something like that? hehe

I'm so happy you have your kids, that really is an eternal love, they will always be your kids and you will always love them!!! :-D

Love u amiga!!!

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