Some Things I've Learned

hello hello hello
im back
well so ive learned many things in the past couple of months actually i can safely say i have grown up so i decided to post some of my recent findings... lol after all that's what this blog was for. so first thing i learned wow i know im a nerd i should of known this one but people are not honest. actually alot of people care about themselves and gettin theirs before helpin you out so when it comes down to it usually its only the Lord and sometimes some friends and family that are there for you so dont share your heart with strangers they probably dont care and will
just judge u lol.

second. most men are liars. lol. sorry guys that arent but your fellow manly companions have given u a bad name and im not just saying this because im mad or something cause im not i think its cool i have been able to learn some game from the best ;-)

third. we arent what we want to be until we accomplish it. so sayin we are gonna do something or we wish we were a certain way honestly and truthfully is a bunch of bs until you put it into action. so i know i should of listened... actions speak louder than words... well i had to learn the hard way. i guess i like bumpin my head a couple of times first lol the way these are in random order not in order of importance or anything. im just ramblin. the Lords work will be fulfilled with or without us. if we choose to jump out of thecar and get runned over a little on the way to eternity that's our choice cause the Lord is givin us a safe ride there we just need to put that seatbelt on not opening the door is a good idea too. i know i hate wearin my seatbelt too. lol but this is one of the most important things i realized we have to give of ourselves with an honest and loving desire not just to get something back but to really serve the Lord and his work. we will be the only ones that regret not being a part of the wonderful truth that is the gospel.

fifth and last for today. time heals all. time is strength. this is so cool the thing that i think has been the greatest empowerment to me in hard times. having patience and knowing that tommorrow all will be better. sometimes i go to sleep thinkin my world is going to end then i wake up and realize my life is just starting and only time will heal any pain or suffering. when i think about year in the future it seems like eternity but when i look back on a year in my life i realize how fast time fluttered by.

ok hopefully tomorrow i will feel inspired to write some more
love yall


florira said…
Hello!! It's really nice to read from you again :-D I'm glad you are back!! I missed you!!!

This is what I think about what you wrote:

1.- unfortunally is true, people care agout their self first, I have learn that in the hard way... friends come and go... and I love this quote "the truth is... everyone is going to hurt just have to decide... who is worth the pain".

2.- I completelly agree!! There is nothing else to say... men are liars LOL! but they are fun to be with even we know better that they lie lol

3.- We should know who we are and what we want to accomplish, if we don't we are just living without a porpuse on life and that is not good... it's fun LOL! but not good.

4.- so true... if we know who we are, I mean, I we realize we are children of God we will act in concecuence and live the gospel the way we should... but sometimes we just forgot or we just don't want to think about that... it's up to us.

5.- Time is something we will never get back, it is of great value, and we need to live knowing that we are living an important time... come on! is our life and we need to get the best of it! I like this quote "learn from yesterday... live for today... hope for tomorrow"

Love you amiga and I'm really happy we are reading together and I thank God you are my friend!! :-D
Flor said…
aw that was so cool love u chapis. hehe i always want to call u ira
hahahahaha sorry!!! i think its coolers. hehe
ok bye love u
Jodi said…
You should be a writer. :-) Glad to know you are doing well. Regarding your first comment, the best author ever, Jane Austen once said, "I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them."
Take Care.

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