Ughhh Annoyed by Metiches.

yes yes its true i go out. OMG !!! i cant believe it lol
since lately my life seems to be the topic of conversation for certain people i decided to do something i usually dont do...
so u guys think u know me you. well you dont theres very few people that i can actually call friends and really mean it. actually i can count them on one hand and those few people(and some of my fam) are the only ones that can honestly say they know my heart. so to everyone else that is "concerned" about me and likes to "tell on me"... next time give me a call and ill give ya my bank acccount number so you can deposit me some money to help me pay my bills. since your so concerned and all ;-)
muah !!!!


florira said…
Yeah, people always think they can talk about everyone else... who do they think they are?... who give them the "authority" to talk about anyone else... but we'll never be able to stop that, it's just the way it is... maybe they talk because they love us... but who will really know the real reason? In the other hand, if someone think that knows you, they are wrong, no matter how well they think they know you, they don't because we can never get to know anyone, not even ourselves so... don't be mad at people for what they do... they are just trying to be good even sometimes they are not... or at least that's what we think... and even us can be wrong.

Love u amiga!!

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