I don't act my age apparently

ok so im pretty annoyed right. im at work and there is this kid. he is an rm... that speaks spanish. by the way he thinks he is really good ;) lol anyway he is totally dissing on me because i smile and giggle he did not believe i was 23 and had 2 kids. he says i look and act too immature for that. OMG!! what the heck. how am i supposed to act to look my age. Sorry but im not bitter or mad about anything in my life so why should i act like I am? I can't believe this im like freaking out. i know im a drama queen sometimes but what the hell


florira said…
haha I know you are drama queen some times haha but you are funny and nice so, just ask him to shut up!! haha
Flor said…
haha i just read this again. he he i remember this day.

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