New Job

hi so i haven't posted in a while. i have a new job. Franklin Capital Corp a division of Franklin Templeton Investments. I work in the collections dept. Its a good company to work for... Anyway the kids are getting so big :) they are so cool... andrei is my little twin. he is always smiling. he has my smile with the dimples and all. and my sexy brown skin. lol anyway nati is getting bigger she is a good big sister i love her she is so cute :) so pretty soon im moving out... probably first week of feb that's only about a month away. im excited to have my own place. i love my family but i hate being crowded :) anyway love yall. talk to you soon.


florira said…
Hola amiga!! Me da gusto k hayas regresado a escribir!! Y k bueno k te este yendo bien en tu nuevo trabajo, sigue hechandole muchas ganas. Y si tus niños estan preciosos y cada vez mas grandes!!!

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