October: Dia de la Brujitas

la di da di we likes to party. lol
so this weekend i finally went out. it was cool.
my cousin sandra is the coolest. she is major hot too.
so it was cool to be with another hot girl. lol
haha no one would of guessed i have a 2 month old baby... lol oh and a 2 year old. haha
who by the way were asleep with my mom safely at home. i didnt leave the house until they were sound asleep. since i never go out my mom was glad to tend them for me ;) love ya mom
anyway it was coolness.
can't wait til halloween...
bibi and i are planning a sexy group outfit. lol
and then the weekend after that

Party like a Rockstar. hummer limo. hell ya so cool.
maggie has the best big sister ;)


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