Not Lucky, Just Blessed

Hello again fellow fans :)
well just wanted to let everyone know Im great. Happy most of all.
Very excited about my life... I'm gonna start working at the temple... I'm so happy. I went to my interviews yesterday. I got to walk around the temple it was so beautiful.
I'm starting at the U next semester. with my mom and sister, im so happy.
my dad is helping me out so so so so so so so much. He wants me to be successful in my life. I know he loves me so much and he has been so sad because of all the bad choices I have made. He is happy that I'm the right track now :)... being daddy's girl is the best ;)
Then there are the kiddos. the best thing in my life. Little Nati she is so cool. growing learning gettin crazier by the day. lol and little Andrei. He is so special I can feel it when he looks at me. I've never seen a little baby smile so much. He is the best. He's staying pretty tan too... woohoo.

anyway im so glad and grateful for the goodness in my life. I feel specially blessed. I thank the Lord every day for giving me a chance to have a better and more happy life.


florira said…
Amiga! that's great you are writting again!! :-D
I'm really happy you can see and enjoy all the great things that you have in your life. You are bless with so many things, I pray the Lord continues blessing you always!
I miss you...

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