I have been writing in a journal for the last couple of months. It is great to be able to write things down. Especially now a days. It's cool to use a pen and a piece of paper. Instead of a screen and a key board. It's almost romantic :)
     On another thought. I am so excited to go back to school in October. I can't wait until I finish either. I know I was meant to be succesful. to have a great and fulfilling life and the only way to accomplish that is by trusting in God, I know he already trusts in me.
Also, another thing...
     I am so greatful for my family... even though we don't always get along they show me what love really is. no matter what they are there. no matter how mad or how much we argue they love me and never judge me. i can say whatever i feel whatever i think and they listen. and they move on. also, i can't complain about my friends. my buddies that are always there for me. That are always listening to my problems that cover me in times of need that are my support when i am down... and last but not least i am grateful for the country that i live in. A country of laws and statutes. Where people are free if they follow the law, if they are honest, if they live an honest life. I am grateful for the opportunity to have the gospel in my life. To be able to know God lives that he really is there. That he loves me. That I am his daughter. That my children will always have him... That he knows my heart. He knows my feelings. He knows my love. He knows my hate. he knows me. and he loves me.

     I thank him for giving his son to the world to suffer for our suffering to lighten our burdens. There is no way I would be where I am without that. There are days that I can't believe I am still working. That my body is still functioning. That my son is still growing inside and I know the only way I can do that is because God and his son's atonement give me the power and the strength to go on.
     Again. Thank you to all the goodness in my life.
I am glad I had so much darkness because know my world will be bright :)


florira said…
Bien dicho amiga!!! Realmente te admiro por tu fortaleza y el caracter que tienes...tus palabras me ayudan...gracias...y nunca dejes de agradecer a Dios por todo eso que tienes, realmente eres muy bendecida...

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